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4 Hot Tips – Make Life Easier!

  1. RICE! – Rest, ice, compression and elevation. As simple as it sounds, this method can go a long way with immediately alleviating your symptoms and get you back into shape.
  2. DON’T GO BAREFOOT – Wear shoes with a heel wedge (runners are best) as much as you can until your symptoms settles down. This is to help reduce stress in you heel and provide a good environment for it to repair itself.
  3. TRY NOT TO STRETCH WHILE IT’S SORE – While inflamed, stretching the tendon can exacerbate the pain and leave you longer off your feet. Alternatively, give a gentle massage on the tendon with a topical anti-inflammatory gel.
  4. AVOID HIGH IMPACT ACTIVITY – This can increase heel pain dramatically and put you at an increased risk for a tear or rupture!


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